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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Building capacity for peaceful, sustainable and  transformative resolution of conflicts and disputes.

Conflicts are often costly for everyone  involved.  The emotional toll takes the form of resentment, separation, anger and abandonment.  Conflict resolution helps individuals and families first to understand their response to conflict and then to help them understand the other.

We can help you to effectively manage interpersonal disputes, improve your communication and shift conflict toward a win/win solutions orientation.

Our lives are not dependent on whether or not we have conflict. It is what we do with conflict that makes the difference.” -- Thomas Crum 

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Workshops & Seminars

Personal Growth & Development
Get Unstuck. Take Action. Embrace Your Best Life

With access to the right resources and support, you will be  empowered to take control of your life. Contact us to learn how to join our upcoming workshops and seminars. 

Can We Talk?

This workshop will give you the tools to explore and develop effective communications skills from a place of “positive self-identification”.  Learn to identify and connect to your source of inner strength and power to get what you truly want in your interactions with others.  

Who Do I Bring To The Table

The art of Negotiation for Women; How to bring effective conversations to the table, whether negotiating with your children, spouse or in the workplace, this workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals of win-win negotiations in the personal and professional realm.


Designing the Life of Your Dreams

When writing the story of your life, don’t let your present circumstances and other people hold the pen.  This seminar is designed to help individuals get back to their dreams and aspirations.

Balancing Our Emotions

Facing the Truth About Our Toxic Relationships

The Parenting Journey

Individual & Family Counseling

Experience strong interpersonal  connections and greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

We all experience life altering situations that change our lives.  Positive or negative, planned or unexpected, these changes can leave us feeling shock, angry, helpless and alone.  Whether experiencing the loss of a loved one, a family crisis, marriage or divorce, finances, health,  parenting or adjusting to a new phase in life, you are not alone.  

Counseling can help you explore what this life change means to you, connect to your inner strengths and provide you with the support you need to face this challenge.